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Today's session, more Virtual Hangouts & Remote Orchestra Challenge

Updated: Mar 25

Dear MYS Symphony Orchestra,

Thanks for riding along as we figure out live-streaming together! Our initial session has gotten a lot of attention, including this press mention, shares, likes and subscriptions.

I livestreamed an important announcement yesterday. If you missed it here it is:

So, here's a summary of what's going to be happening:

  • Tuesdays through Fridays, 4pm-5pm - MYS Virtual Hangouts with special guests. Live Skype guests with interviews, performances, games and fun content.

  • Saturdays (starting 3/28) - MYS Virtual Hangouts "Rehearsal Edition" - During our regular rehearsal time. We will focus specifically on the music we're preparing for our spring concert, and which you should be practicing on your own.

  • Remote Orchestra Challenge - watch the video above for details. I will be sharing relevant links and information soon.

Today's session (Friday, March 20)

Today's livestream will be from 4:00pm to 6:00pm, and it will be a combination of the two formats explained above. The first hour will be much like a TV talk show, with special guest Sarah Tiedemann, and with all of you participating in the comment section. The second hour will be a shorter installment of "Rehearsal Edition" and we will work on some of the music for "Dance Party," while you follow along with your individual parts.

Starting today, we're moving everything over to the MYS YouTube Channel (instead of mine).

So, see you today at 4pm!


Dr. G.