for four performers and instagram



(This version of the piece is for four performers, who will be placed on either

sides of a translucent projection screen.)


1. Beforehand, each performer chooses a "box" (notes+selfies).

2. Each performer will improsive based on the pitch content and the selfie in his/her box.

3. The piece is to be performed always with a beautiful, self-indulgent tone,

but allowing the selfie to dictate nuances of charater. Don't mind the other performers.

4. Set a duration on the egg-timer provided.


6.  When time is up,  YOU WILL FADE INTO OBLIVION.


[variation: a "ripieno" may be added for each player. 

These unfortunate accompanyists will play background, totally

inconsequential musical sounds when the selfie features more than

one person]



for four performers and instagram




idea and pitch content: Raul Gomez

photos: instagram

randomized slideshow: slidagram


inspired by: ROOTS Series by Compleat Stage

(Ruby Lou Smith, Artistic Director + Creator of Series)