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Sinfonietta Reh Plan for 9/30

What we did on 9/23

1. Bernstein: worked from "One Hand, One Heart" to the end of the piece

2. Bacchanale: worked from m.105 to 147 and from m.182 to 218



  • Strings: practice all the fingerings I gave you in rehearsal! Avoid open strings on "One Hand, One Heart."!

  • m.133: people with quarter notes, make sure to look up to see the new tempo!

  • flutes & oboes: remember to play the beginning of 'Tonight' in character! Should be light, exciting and magical.

  • Make sure you wrote down a slight pulling back before 5 before the end.

  • First violins: make sure you wrote down that you should play m.69 twice.


  • Please make sure you wrote down my metronome mark at m. 182: quarter=130

  • Be aware that starting at 218, there is an accelerando (speeding up) until the end of the piece (it's also marked at m.226)

Plan for 9/30

1. Bacchanale:

m. 147 to m. 182

m. 218 to end of the piece

beginning to m.105

2. Gershwin:

beginning to m. 95

Please practice everyday, even if it is for only 20 or 30 minutes!!! Also, please use your metronomes!! Bacchanale has tricky passages, especially towards the end, after m.218. Be prepared!!!

Camille Saint-Saëns, composer of the opera "Samson & Delilah," which contains "Bacchanale."

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