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MYS Symphony Notes 10.4

First of all, I just want to say how proud I am of EVERYBODY for your great work on the Frank last Saturday. Please keep practicing and listening to the piece!!

September 30

What we did:

- Sectionals on Gershwin (percussion and brass worked until #55)

- Tutti: 2nd movement of Frank (G to L), Gershwin until #57.

October 7:

Here's the plan for this Saturday (October 7th). We're focusing entirely on Gershwin, so, please polish all your individual parts as much as possible, especially since Carlos Kalmar is coming to conduct.



- All woodwinds together

- All brass together

- All strings together

- Percussion: self-led sectional

- Harps: not needed today



- Scott Showalter (Oregon Symphony President & C.E.O.) addresses the orchestra (plus Q/A*)

- Carlos Kalmar rehearses Gershwin

*As requested on my e-mail, please send me questions you'd like to ask Mr. Showalter (possible topics: arts administration, role of the orchestra in the community, his professional journey, etc).

Carlos Kalmar, OSO Music Director

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