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Sinfonietta Notes 10/4

Great work last Saturday!

Both pieces are coming together. Please keep practicing!

What we did on Sep 30:

1. Bacchanale:

  • m. 147 to m. 182

  • m. 218 to end of piece

  • Beginning to m. 105

  • Read-through of whole piece

2. Bernstein:

  • Worked on "I Feel Pretty"


  • We spoke about "transferring" skills. In other words: if the conductor works on a passage, and that passage is repeated in other parts of the piece (sometimes in a different key), the notes that the conductor gave also apply to all instances of that passage.

  • The same goes for when the conductor works with a section of the orchestra on something that you also have in your part. Those things apply to you as well. This is why you should ALWAYS be paying attention, even when the conductor is not talking to you or your section.

Rehearsal plan for October 7:

1. Bernstein

  • "Maria"

  • Run-through and work-through

2. Bacchanale:

  • Work up to tempo

Here's Mr. Bernstein (aka "Lenny") during the recording of the original West Side Story soundtrack.

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