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Video Audition Instructions

Instructions for a successful video audition:

1. Select a good space. Avoid spaces that are too small, cramped or messy. Look for a place with good acoustics (avoid too dry or too boomy). Also, look for places where there is relative silence. Turn off the TV, silence your phone and leave pets out of the room.

2. Dress appropriately. No need to wear formal clothes, but make sure you're presentable for the judges who will be watching. "Smart-casual" or "business-casual" should do it.

3. Record horizontal videos. It's totally OK to use your smartphone to record your audition, however, make sure the video is horizontal.

4. Leave enough distance between yourself and the camera, so that a reasonable posture is appreciated on screen: If you're standing, you should be seen at least from the waist up. If you're sitting, your entire posture should be in the frame.

5. Say your name and instrument clearly before beginning to play.

6. Record your audition in the order given, without any edits. Cuts are allowed between excerpts, but not within them. Auditions in different order, with edits, or incomplete auditions may not be considered. A link to a YouTube playlist with your excerpts as individual videos in the order given is acceptable.

7. Please refrain from adding titles, any material which is not requested, or saying anything about yourself besides what is requested in point 5.

8. Upload your video to YouTube:

  • Set your video privacy settings to “unlisted.”

  • The title of your video should follow the format: “[Name] – [Instrument] – Video Audition”

  • Leave the description and tag fields blank.

  • If you have questions on how to upload to YouTube, please refer to the instructions on their site.

  • If you choose to upload individual videos, follow the instructions above, then create a Playlist and send us the link to the Playlist.

9. Submit your video link by e-mail before the posted deadline.

  • Subject Line: “[Name] – [Instrument] – Video Audition”

  • Example links: your link should look something like this: or this:


Listen to recordings of the piece!! It's crucial that you know the tempos and style for what you're playing. It's very obvious if you're playing your excerpts without knowing the context.

It's OK to record on separate days. In fact, it's probably a good idea. However, use the same space, same angle, same light (as much as possible) and same clothes. For example, you could record half of your excerpts on day 1 and the rest on day 2. Day 3 could be for re-takes if necessary.

Don't have video-editing software? There are free programs for PC/Mac and video-editing apps for iPhone and Android available. A little research goes a long way! Let me know if you need specific recommendations. Also, if you create a playlist with each excerpt as an individual video, you might not need video-editing software at all.

Avoid "fancy" video transitions. When you create your video with the best takes of each piece/excerpt, avoid elaborate transition effects between clips. Best is just a super-quick fade to black between clips, or no transition effect at all.

Need help? Ask!!

Do not leave it for the last minute!!!!! You'll thank yourself later.



Not good:

Too dark

Messy room

Too far (and vertical video)

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