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MYSfits: Ballet Reh/Concert Info

Dear MYSfits,

Here's what to expect tomorrow for our rehearsals and concert with the Oregon International Ballet Academy. Read this e-mail thoroughly!


Please be in Lincoln Hall at PSU (ready to play) at 2pm. The first half of rehearsal (2pm to 3:30pm approx.) will be dedicated to the *second* half of the program, which includes Barber Adagio and the percussion piece. Please wear your concert attire for the rehearsal (all black, or white t-shirt/black bottoms for the percussion piece).

I will *not* be there for the first half of rehearsal because I will be conducting my Sinfonietta rehearsal at Roseway. So, you're on your own. Hannah will be in charge of managing the group, and you should all follow Mr. Ye and Ms. Chen's instructions regarding rehearsal order, stage blocking and placement for Barber and the percussion piece.

You will *not* be playing the whole time from 2pm to 3:30pm, because the dancers have other numbers to rehearse as well, so please bring homework, snacks, etc. for your downtime.

Just a note regarding the tempo of Barber: it sounded great at the Retreat. We just need to play the piece at a slightly slower tempo. Here's the recording the dancers have been using, for your reference.

Also, in case they're needed, I'm bringing stand lights tomorrow to the Symphony rehearsal. Hannah: would you please remind me to give them to you?

I will come to Lincoln Hall as soon as I'm able after my Sinfonietta rehearsal, so I expect to be there around 3:20pm. We will rehearse Swan Lake *in the pit* at 3:30pm.

Rehearsal is scheduled to end at 5:00pm. At this time, you're free to just hang out in Lincoln Hall, or if you have guests coming, you can meet them for dinner, etc.


Please be back in Lincoln Hall at 7:00pm. The concert starts at 7:30pm, but we need to be ready in the pit before then.

I have 1 comp ticket for each one of you for a guest. I'm bringing the tickets tomorrow to rehearsal.

First half of the concert is Swan Lake (from the pit), second half includes Barber and Percussion.


  • Rehearsal: 2:00pm-5:00pm (in concert attire)

  • Call time for concert: 7:00pm

  • Concert: 7:30pm

  • Attire: all black for Swan Lake and Barber. White plain t-shirt and black bottoms for percussionists (barefoot).

  • What else to bring: your parts, music stand, homework, snacks

Thanks and see you tomorrow!

Dr. G.

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