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MYS SO Notes - 9.11.18

Last rehearsal (9.8.18)

What we did:

  • Orientation

  • Ice breakers

  • Rossini

  • Read-through of whole piece

  • Work on introduction

Rossini notes:

  • Introduction: 8th note = 100

  • Allegro vivace: half note = 98

  • Più mosso: half note = 130

Remember that for this music, generally speaking, we're trying to avoid accenting notes at the end of phrases. Rather, endings should be elegant and on the gentle side.


Next rehearsal (9.15.18)

The first half of our next rehearsal will be sectionals: all strings together, all woodwinds together, all brass together, percussion together; each of these with coaches or with me (strings).

During the second half of rehearsal, we will read through Ponchielli, Berlioz and Tchaikovsky.

Practicing suggestions*:

  1. Become familiar with all pieces by listening to several different recordings of each. As you listen, follow along with your individual part or with the full score. You might want to do one listen while looking at your part, and then do it again while following on the score.

  2. Make sure you understand general tempi, character, style, changes and transitions.

  3. Identify difficult passages in your individual part.

  4. Make a practice plan for the week, so that you can cover everything you need to cover before the next rehearsal.

*more than suggestions, you should ALWAYS do the items above when getting to know a piece.


Looking ahead:

On 9/22, we will read Jake Safirstein commissioned piece. Expect parts via e-mail this week.



Click here for a YouTube playlist with repertoire from our entire season

Click here for PDFs of full scores

Happy practicing!!

Dr. G.


P.S. Thanks to those of you who signed up for our annual photoshoot. It was fun!


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