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MYS SO Rehearsal Notes - 9.25.18

Last rehearsal (9.22.18)

What you did:

  • Sectionals

  • Full Orchestra

  • Jake Safirstein's piece read-through

  • Berlioz detailed work


Next rehearsal (9.29.18)

1st half: sectionals (all brass together (with me), woodwinds in separate sections, all strings together)

2nd half:

  • Detailed work on Tchaikovsky


I searched the depths of YouTube for a video recording of Tchaikovsky's Capriccio Italien by an Italian orchestra and/or conductor, and I was not successful. However, I did find a recording on Spotify conducted by Italian conductor Daniele Gatti. Please listen and compare to a recording by a Russian orchestra and conductor:

Daniele Gatti (Italian) with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (London): click here

Yuri Simonov with the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra: click here


Dr. G.

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