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MYS SO Rehearsal Notes - 10.03.18

Last rehearsal (9.29.18)

What we did:

  • Sectionals

  • Full Orchestra

  • Work Tchaikovsky (working backward from the end, detailed work from m. 455 to end, read from m. 291 to m. 455)

  • Session with composer Katie Balch


Next rehearsal (10.06.18)

1st half: sectionals (all wind, brass and percussion together (with me), strings in separate sections)

2nd half:

  • More work on Tchaikovsky!

  • Last 45min: visit by Dover Quartet (!!!) courtesy of Chamber Music Northwest.

  • ​Short mini-performance by Dover Quartet (15 min)

  • Q/A (15 min)

  • Play-along of Tchaikovsky Capriccio Italien (Dover Quartet as assistant principal players in string section)


Prepare for sectionals:

Winds, brass, percussion: Berlioz, Allegro Vivace section

Violin 1:

Ponchielli (priority): Beginning to m. 7 m. 46 (tremolo) to m. 57 (NB: at m. 50: pp cantabile, very legato) m. 61 to m. 86 (NB: at m. 61 theme: bow distribution with phrasing: start at tip, more bow as it gets louder) m. 178 to m. 194 (NB: at m. 186: upper half of bow) m. 201 to m. 212 m. 249 to m. 300 (NB: at m. 249: middle of the bow) m. 335 to m. 360-ish

Rossini: Whole piece, as time permits

Violin 2

Ponchielli (priority): m. 178 to 185 m. 249 to 276 (NB: at m. 249: middle of the bow)

Rossini: Whole piece, as time permits


Tchaikovsky (priority): m. 119 to m. 126 m. 240 to m. 243 m. 505 to m. 537

Berlioz: 2nd of #1 to #4 -difficult sections of Allegro Vivace as time permits


Ponchielli (priority): m. 135 to m. 170 m. 178 to m. 207 m. 277 to m. 296 (NB: lyrical but in tempo!! don’t drag)

Tchakovsky: m. 241 to m. 249

Berlioz: #3 to #5


Rossini (priority): [B] to m. 24 m. 64 to m. 80 [G] to [H] m. 225 to end

Berlioz: #8 to end of piece as time permits


Get to know a bit about the Dover Quartet before their visit on Saturday (4-min mini documentary):


Dr. G.

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