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MYS SO Rehearsal Notes - 10.10.18

Last rehearsal (10.06.18)

What we did:

  • Sectionals

  • Full Orchestra

  • More work on Tchaikovsky

  • Session with Dover String Quartet


Next rehearsal (Retreat!!!!)

PLEASE SEE E-MAIL ANNOUNCEMENTS FROM CHRIS LATER TODAY (Wednesday) with important retreat information such as transportation, times, etc.

Retreat Itinerary:


  • Full Orchestra rehearsal (Ponchielli, Rossini)


  • Sectionals, Session 1 (with University of Oregon Faculty)

  • Sectionals or Master Classes, Session 2 / MYSfits rehearsal


  • Full Orchestra rehearsal (Berlioz)

  • MYSfits short performance

  • Movie night/bonfire



  • Body Mapping session

  • Full Orchestra rehearsal (Berlioz, Tchaikovsky)


Special request: Please e-mail me with movie suggestions for Movie Night!

It can be anything PG-13, PG or G. Bonus points if your suggestion is music-related, and extra bonus points if it's somewhat related to Italy.

See you at Aldersgate!

Dr. G.

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