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MYSfits Notes for 12.1.18

Hi MYSfits!

This coming Saturday (Dec 1st) rehearsal will focus on the selections from The Nutcracker that we will be performing at the concert, also this Saturday, at Bodyvox.

I will also give out parts for the Grotto concert (December 18, strings only).

Setlist for Dec 1:

Selections from The Nutcracker:




b) Le Café

c) Le Thé

d) Trépak

e) Les Mirlitons

f) La mere Gigone et les polichinelles

No. 13 Valse des Fleurs

Reminders about Dec 1:

  • Rehearsal at the regular time at Roseway (1:10pm-2:40pm)

  • Call time at BodyVox at 4:30pm

  • Attire: All black plus christmas color accents if you wish.

Somebody asked if a Santa hat is OK. The answer is a big YES.

Ugly Christmas sweaters are a good option too.


Dr. G.



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