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MYSfits Notes - Next Program!

Hi MYSfits!

I hope rehearsals with Dr. Cotik for The Grotto concert are going well! Katie and Chris will have final information and materials for you this Saturday.

I'm writing to share information about our Winter program (March 10, 2019 concert).

This concert will be a collaboration with local jazz violinist/looper/singer-songwriter Joe Kye.

I first heard Joe when he performed an original song accompanied by his own looping violin for a BodyVox show. I became a fan right away. I went to say hi after the concert and we were soon planning this collaboration together.

The show will also involve the MYS Jazz Ensemble. There will be songs with just MYSfits and Joe, songs with just Jazz Ensemble and Joe, just Joe, just Jazz Ensemble, just MYSfits, and also EVERYBODY together.

As part of our preparation for this concert, Joe will do an improvisation workshop with all of you in February.

Also, part of the program will be Shostakovich Chamber Symphony Op. 110a (this is a string orchestra version of his String Quartet No. 8). We will most likely play each movement of this awesome piece in between other songs and pieces. Parts coming soon.

I will share more details later, for example, which rehearsals Joe will come work with you. For now, GET EXCITED, and check out the videos below.

Oh, and have fun at The Grotto!


"Happy Song" by Joe Kye


Shostakovich - performed by memory (!!!) by the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra

See you soon,

Dr. G.

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