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2019-20 Fall Seating Audition Information

MYS Fall 2019 Seating Auditions


1. The audition will consist of:

a. Scales

(no slower than quarters at 120 bmp)

- 1 major scale

- 1 minor scale (melodic or harmonic)

- Chromatic scale (winds and brass only, across entire standard range of your instrument)

Note for strings: slur 3, 4 or 6. No vibrato. Use your whole bow and demonstrate big, beautiful, full tone. Smooth shifts and string crossings. 3 octaves.

Winds and brass: as many octaves as possible. Slurred.

b. Repertoire

Two minutes of repertoire demonstrating your highest musical and technical achievement. E.g. any concerto, sonata, etude, etc. No accompaniment, please.

2. Auditions must be recorded on video. Please upload to YouTube and submit to MYS according to these guidelines.

3. Percussionists and harp are exempt and do not need to submit an audition.

4. You should submit only one link. This can be a single video with scales and solo edited together, or a YouTube playlist that contains two separate videos. Regardless of how you do it, scales should appear first. If this is not clear, e-mail

5. Submission:

  • Deadline is Thursday, September 12 at 11:59:59pm

  • Send your YouTube link to

An example of good framing and recording conditions. Click here for more tips.

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