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MYS S.O. Notes for Feb 1, 2020

Hi everybody,

UpVery nice work last Saturday with the first movement of Schiff's concerto. This coming Saturday (Feb 1) we start three weeks of sectional rehearsals, which will be very important towards the preparation of this concert with Ms. Regina Carter. So, please see below and make sure to 1) practice! and 2) listen to the audio of the concerto to inform your practicing.

1. Audio of "4 Sisters"

I've shared it before, but here it is again for your convenience. Use it to enhance and inform your practicing. Click here.

2. Updated Rosters

After a couple of more videos have finally trickled in. Click here.

3. Rehearsal Plan for Saturday, Feb 1, 2020

9:30am-10:45am - SECTIONALS

Woodwinds: each section with individual coaches – Schiff, Mov 2 All brass together: Schiff, Mov 2

All strings together: Schiff, Mov 3 Percussion: as needed

11:00am-12:30pm - TUTTI

Movement 4 of Schiff (and a bit of movement 2 if time allows)

Thanks and see you Saturday!

Dr. G.


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