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MYS Symphony Orch. Notes - Jan 21, 2020

Hi everybody,

Here are your rehearsal notes in preparation for our next rehearsal on Saturday, January 25, 2020.


Updated Seating Roster

Those of you who submitted your videos late have been added to the roster (as of 4:45pm Tuesday 1/21). Please also see roster for Grace Miedziak's Seereise (it's very similar to Schiff since there is no time for a stage change.)

Those of you who have *not* yet submitted your videos: please do so ASAP. I really want everybody to play this concert, but no exceptions will be made. No video = no assignment, and these missed rehearsals count as your absences (more than 3 absences and you can't play the concert).


Rehearsal Plan for Jan 25, 2020

Please practice in advance of rehearsal! Remember: rehearsals are not for learning your individual part. You do that at home. Rehearsals are for learning everybody else's part. So, be prepared!

The 4 Sisters Jazz Violin concerto has tricky rhythmic sections that will require individual figuring out.

9:30am-10:15am: Schiff, Mov. 3 (strings only)

10:15-10:50am: Seereise (winds and brass please arrive no later than 10:00am)

- break -

11:05am-12:30pm: Schiff, tutti, Movs. 4 and 1


Violinist Regina Carter


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