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Rehearsal Notes: Oct 15

What we did:


WW and Brass worked with with OSO coaches.

Strings worked with Mr. Gómez on Tchaikovsky:

- Mov 3: exposition, trio, coda

- Mov 4: slow work from beginning to a little bit after [P]

Strings + WW

Tchaikovsky, Mov 4: 4th movement, slow work backwards from the end back to [R]

Tutti - Candide

Slow work from 207 to the end.

Tutti - Tchaikovsky with J. DeBruyn

Excerpts from movements 1 and 2.

Rehearsal Notes:

Good work all around. I honestly don't have a whole lot of specific comments to add to what we did in rehearsal. Just in general:

- Continue to practice slowly, paying special attention to dynamics and different sound colors. Make sure to practice the pacing of your crescendos and decrescendos, as well as ritardandos and accelerandos.

Crescendos: save most of the crescendo towards the end of it.

Decrescendos/diminuendos: don't get immediately softer when you see the indication on the page. If you're playing forte, the first few moments of the diminuendo you're still forte.

Ritardandos, accelerandos: Make sure not to start slowing down or speeding up before you're supposed to.

- Amazing job playing the Presto of the 4th movement by memory!!!!!

- Candide: continue to practice this piece so that when we play it, it sounds and LOOKS like the easiest and most fun thing in the world. Practice with metronome!!!

This coming Saturday (Oct 22)

We have to very special guests dropping in this Saturday: Carlos Kalmar, Music Director of the Oregon Symphony, and Colin Currie, percussionist and Artist in Residence with the OSO.

Chris will be sending the day's detailed schedule on Thursday, but below is some information to help you prepare:

  • Our percussionists will be working with Mr. Currie in a master class, and will join CO and SO towards the end of rehearsal.

  • SO rehearsal will focus on Tchaikovsky, as we get ready for Maestro Kalmar to work with you (also on Tchaikovsky) starting at 11:00am.

Other Notes:

  • Start becoming familiar with Holst's The Planets!! There are plenty of recordings available on Spotify and YouTube for free. Soon, we will start adding the score and parts to the MYS Digital Library, but for the time being you can find them on

  • Everybody, but especially percussionists: don't miss a free concert with Colin Currie and the percussion section of the OSO tomorrow (Wednesday) night!!. Info here.

  • Our new bumper stickers are in!!!! You'll be hearing from Chris about this. You'll be able to purchase them this Saturday at a great price. Picture below!!!

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