Sinfonietta: Reh Notes, Plan for 9/23

September 16, 2017

What we did:

Saint-Saens, Bacchanale: worked from beginning to m. 105

Bernstein, West Side Story: worked on Maria and I Feel Pretty

Plan for 9/23

1:00pm-2:00pm: Bernstein: from [95] "One Hand, One Heart" to the end of piece

2:10pm-3:00pm: Bacchanale: m. 105 to end of piece


1. Don't forget to bring a pencil to rehearsal, and please use it!

2. Bacchanale: practice with a metronome please! Here's how:

a. Select a short passage (8 or 16 bars, for example). Start at a slow tempo (slow enough so you can play perfectly including notes, articulations, dynamics, etc).

b. Once you've mastered the passage on that tempo, increase the tempo by 5 clicks or so. Practice again.

c. Repeat step "b" until you get to the performance tempo (quarter note=108).

3. Bernstein: please make sure to listen to the videos on my previous post, so you become familiar with the songs.

See you Saturday!

Dr. G.

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