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SO Notes - Oct 17

What we did (October 14)

We spent the whole rehearsal on movements 2 and 3 of Three Latin American Dances by Gabriela Lena Frank.

We started by reading through both of those movements, then we worked on movement 3 first, and movement 2 after.


- Trumpets: keep practicing and building up stamina for the 3rd movement of Frank. Please take a careful look at the introduction of the movement this week. Make sure to listen (and even play along) to the recording as you work on this introduction.

- Everybody: speaking of the recording, please keep listening to it! You can stream it here, or download MP3s here.

- Woodwinds, trombones and horns: take a careful look at letter D to letter F in movement 3 of Frank. Listen to the recording!!

- Violas, cellos & clarinets: make sure to decipher the rhythm of your "grito" sections in movement 2 (B, D)

- Violin 1: same as above at letter F.

- Everybody: keep practicing everything, including Gershwin! Don't be the weak link. We get the privilege and honor to play great music. Being prepared shows you respect the music and your colleagues.

Plan for Oct 21

We will spend the entire rehearsal on Frank again, aaaaanndddd... the composer is coming to visit us!! Gabriela Lena Frank will be at rehearsal from 11:30am to 12:30pm. I want us to play the whole piece for her.

So, please practice all three movements very carefully, and, again, keep listening to the recording over and over again!

PERCUSSION: You will be with Mr. Roberts for the first half of rehearsal. Then you'll join everybody else for the 2nd half.

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