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MYS Symphony Orch Notes - Oct 24

What we did (Oct 21)

We spent the entirety of our rehearsal working on Gabriela Lena Frank's Three Latin American Dances. We covered everything except for the slow sections of the second movement.

Gabriela visited our rehearsal along with six composers from her Academy. She was very impressed with your playing and there's a good chance she'll come to our concert on November 12!

Coming up.... Retreat! (Oct 28 & 29)

We will have three full orchestra rehearsals and a set of sectionals with coaches from the University of Oregon during our retreat.

Please be prepared to rehearse all of American in Paris and all of Gabriela's Dances. Also, we will read and work on the Mariachi arrangements, watch videos, and do several games/activities.

Please make sure to bring all necessary accessories!!! (mutes, etc...).

See you there!

Since we will all be there anyways,

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