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MYS SO: Reh notes/plan for 12/02

Rehearsal Notes

Our first rehearsal of the PROJECT Trio repertoire (November 18) was spent on Strauss' Die Fledermaus Overture and Rossini's William Tell Overture (opening and closing works of the concert).

Die Fledermaus has lots of stylistic subtleties to it. It's VERY important that everybody listen to different recordings of this piece, ideally with Austrian orchestras and conductors.

A great reference recording is the video below, with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and the great Carlos Kleiber conducting. Please listen to it several times, following along with your part, and pay attention to how the orchestra phrases this music. Particularly, listen for rhythmic stylistic traits in the waltzes:

Rossini's William Tell Overture is more straightforward. Cellos and basses: make sure to have beautiful full sound in the introduction. Everybody else: practice all the fast passages so you can nail them and look like you're having fun.

Rehearsal Plan for Dec 2, 2017

  1. Strauss

  2. Fast

  3. Winter in June

  4. Random Roads Suite

Please focus your practicing on these 4 pieces this week, but also spend some time on the rest: Djangish, Hungarian Dance and The Bodega.


Dr. G.

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