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MYS Symphony Orch Notes - 12.04.18

Last rehearsal (Saturday, 12.01.18)

We worked on Guzmán, Márquez and Osorio.


Next rehearsal (Saturday, 12.08.18)

  • 9:30am-10:45am: Sectionals!!! Individual woodwind coaches, group brass coach, group strings coach, percussion as usual.

  • 11:00am: Full orchestra with Dr. Ken Selden from PSU. Marquez!!

Please practice!!



I'm including the following text that I wrote last week (slightly modified):

The next 2 rehearsals are EXTREMELY important! We are going into two weeks (12/8 and 12/15) of sectionals and full orchestra rehearsals with really amazing coaches and guest conductors. I will be out of town working with two professional orchestras: the Louisiana Philharmonic and Kansas City Symphony.

Next time I see you is on Thursday, January 3, for our first weeknight rehearsal for "Cantando." After this, we have another weeknight rehearsal the next day (Jan 4), a Saturday rehearsal (Jan 5) and concert on January 6.

In other words, there are only TWO (2!!) rehearsals before the holiday break, with coaches and guests. Then, after the holidays, we come back to a concert week (weeknight rehearsals and concert).

Individual preparation is CRUCIAL for this program. Please use the resources below for your practicing.



There is no recording of Guzmán. I played this piece when I was in youth orchestra somewhere around 2000 or 2001. It hasn't been played since. For the other pieces, we do have access to some kind of recording. Please see below.



Márquez (conducted by the composer)


Osorio (conducted by the compiler/arranger)


Seating Auditions for our March 3 concert (Stravinsky Firebird, Respighi The Birds)

Please go here first to learn about excerpts and guidelines.

Then, and this is very important especially for new players this year (but everybody should read it), go here for further instructions and tips.


Dr. G.

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