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MYS Symphony NOTES - 1.23.19


  • Rehearsal plan for Jan 26

  • Updated rosters (Concertos with reduced orchestra)


Rehearsal plan for Jan 26

This weekend is our last set of sectional rehearsals for the winter term. We will be joined by an all-star cast of musicians from the Oregon Symphony: Zach Galatis (flute), Karen Wagner (oboe), James Shields (clarinet), Nicole Buetti (bassoon), Charley Reneau (brass). Strings will be with me.


  • Brass: FIREBIRD (Danse Infernale and Final)

  • Flutes: FIREBIRD (Variation de l’oiseau de feu - Danse infernale)

  • Oboes: FIREBIRD (Danse infernale) - RESPIGHI (all players doubling): Prelude, La gallina, Il cucù

  • Clarinets: FIREBIRD (Introduction - Variation de l’oiseau de feu - Danse Infernale)

  • Notes for clarinets 1 regarding Variation:

  • m. 39: solo

  • m. 47: doubled

  • m. 60: solo

  • m. 72: doubled

  • Bassoons: Firebird (all)

  • Strings: Respighi!

Full Orchestra (11:00am-12:30pm):

Firebird: all the sections we haven't read:

  • Introduction

  • Ronde des princesses

  • Berceuse (from m. 259 of infernal danse)

  • Final

If time allows: Respighi (in order)


Updated Rosters

We will accompany the concertos with a reduced orchestra. Some people will play the concerto in March (Ibert) and others will play in May (Kabalevsky). Some winds and brass won't play the concertos at all (sometimes because of the instrumentation of the piece, sometimes just because you will have other important part assignments in the concert). This is exactly how it's done in a professional orchestra.

So, I've created rosters for the Ibert (March) and also for Kabalvesky (May). See all updated rosters here.


Finally, just a reminder: there is NO SIGHT-READING in rehearsals. You're expected to show up with your individual part ALREADY LEARNED.

Please be extra well prepared this week for sectionals.

See you Saturday!!

Dr. G.

An actual photo of Igor Stravinsky from Erich Auerbach/Getty Images

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