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MYS Symphony NOTES - 1.29.19


  • Rehearsal plan for February 2

  • Practice strategy

  • Let's go see "Dinosaurs!"


Rehearsal plan for Feb 2

We are done with sectionals for this term. This Saturday we will focus on Stravinsky and Respighi as follows:

First half:

Stravinsky - starting with parts that involve most people.


Second half:

Respighi - work in order, starting with Prelude.


Practice strategy

I would like to suggest a practice strategy for your orchestra music. Like I've said many times, you should come to rehearsal with your individual part fully learned. Rehearsals are NOT to learn your own part, they are to learn everybody else's part.

I think of practicing in 3 stages:

1. Figuring out: this is your first phase. You're figuring out notes, fingerings, rhythms, dynamics. Nothing should be left to chance. It helps A LOT to listen to recordings (different recordings of the same piece).

2. Slow practice/mindful repetition: Once you've figured out *what* you're going to do in step 1, now you actually PRACTICE it. You've read this before (or heard it from me): slow practice makes for fast progress. Fast practice makes for slow progress. USE YOUR METRONOME.

3. Polishing/maintenance: Now you can worry about bringing things up to tempo, and work on nuances. Once you've gotten as close as possible to mastering a passage, come back to it often. Every now and then, slow it down, deconstruct it, bring it back up to speed.

Suggested strategy for MYS music:

Aim to practice your orchestra music for a minimum of 30 minutes EVERY DAY (except your day off).

1. Sunday: day off

2. Monday through Wednesday: practice what we worked on at the last rehearsal. On Wednesday, read my blog posts/notes.

3. Wednesday through Friday: practice what we will be working on at the next rehearsal

4. Saturday: rehearsal!! You'll feel so good that you're well prepared.


Let's go see NWCT's "Dinosaurs!"

In preparation for our collaboration with Northwest Children's Theatre, I would like to invite everybody in Symphony Orchestra to go see "Dinosaurs!" at NWCT. I've seen several shows there and they're SUPER fun.

I would like for all of us to go as a group on Sunday, February 17 at 2:00pm. After the show, we will get an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of NWCT and we'll get to meet a few of the "Starlings" who will be performing with us in March.

This is not a required activity, but highly recommended. If you're available, please mark your calendars. We will send everybody a discount code that you can use when you purchase your ticket online.

Northwest Children's Theatre's DINOSAURS!

Thanks for your hard work and see you Saturday!!

Dr. G.

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